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I don't mean to promote or idolize anything (minus the fandoms and celebrities of course).

Some things posted may be triggering, so please take care. If you don’t like my blog than get out, I’m not forcing you to look at it.

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Perfecting Control

Disney’s Maleficent (2014) x

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political correctness kills creativity' if you can't create something without furthering the oppression of minorities, you aren’t a very creative person.

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At my funeral I do not want
doves or a bed of roses.
You know how much I hate roses, anyway.
Have my sister wear that outfit
she never had enough confidence
to wear
with those shoes that never
quite match with anything.
Hire a priest to give a sermon
about how he lost his virginity
or about the flat tire he got
on the way to his divorce court date.
Do not stifle your giggles
or feel guilty when you smile
at my uncle who is falling asleep
in the pew.
It’s okay to delight in unconventionality.
After the service,
I want you to hold hands with the person
you love the most and tell them
they need to use more hand lotion.
I want you to text your boyfriend
a poem that describes his
“shit brown eyes”
and how much you adore them.
On the way to the cemetery
blast The Ramones or anything
from Nirvana’s Incesticide album
and scream all the lyrics
When my casket is lowered into the ground,
do not wipe your eyes or your nose.
Let the wind take away your mess.
When they begin to cover me with dirt
and flowers that pricked your fingers
with thorns,
whisper to my family about how you still
haven’t forgiven me for breaking your
favorite coffee mug.
Maybe you will feel uneasy,
or maybe your lips will tremble.
But as you exhale
and fill your lungs with dry air,
listen to me tap against
the wooden walls of my tomb
and let the rhythm guide the beating
of your heart.
It is okay now.
It will always be okay.
-Kimberly Siehl | At my funeral it will be okay (via hangingwallflower)

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I actually really love the Disney Fairies but the only thing that bugs me is the fact that Tinkerbell is nothing like her original character

lmao she’s actually the exact opposite and I like her so much more when she’s Peter’s partner in crime she’s devious and lethal it’s hilarious


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I thought I could be your happy ending.

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Who needs traffic lights? Not the drivers in Ethiopia - Video

This made me so uncomfortable.

I dont understand…

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“no homo,” i whisper, pulling back from the microscope in front of me. the gene is heterozygous. i am a scientist

fuck you all i did research for this

why did you have to research this this is 7th grade basic biology

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The posts that pop up during finals week are the best kinds of posts

Praying for all my followers who are entering or who have entered finals week.

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Cersei Lannister watching season 3B of ouat

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what do you call a message sent by a girl?

*sighs* what

a feMAIL

i got 7 messages saying this joke is offensive & that i’m the reason feminism exists

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